Service Next Generation Customer Service Business Idea

Service, which transforms Customer Service into a business idea, opens the doors of a new world.

Businessman in office wearing headset

A new initiative, called Service , is a company that has transformed the Future Business Ideas
of ​​getting people to solve their problems without having to go through the basics with customer service. Clients contact the customer service company called Service, regardless of which company they are associated with, specifying their problems, sending the necessary documentation, and authorizing the Service to resolve the problem. The service, which records the problem, takes steps to solve the problems by contacting the company about the problem and informs the customer.

The company, which also has a website support, allows you to record problems via the website. In this way, customers can easily provide visual or written documents to their company and provide more detailed information about their problems.

The company is trying to notify the names and to show the success of the service by not charging any fees for the services they provide for now. In the following periods, it is estimated that the subscription system will be charged

How to Download TUTUAPP Free Paid Apps

Reboot your smartphone. After rebooting, the memory card should decrease by 1,024 MB – this is how you created the hidden partition.

Creating a Partition with EaseUS Partition Master

Those who do not dare to experiment with Recovery, you can recommend a simple tool for working with partitions of hard drives and removable devices on Windows.

Download TUTUAPP

Install the utility on your home computer or laptop. Connect the SD card. In laptops for this purpose there is a special connector, owners of desktops will have to use a card reader.

The main window of the program displays lists of connected disks. Find the SD card (in our case it’s Disk 2).

Click on each of its sections with the right mouse button and select Delete Partition. Remember that this action will destroy all the data on the card.

Now the main window is the only partition with the Unallocated file system. Right-click on it, select Create Partition, set the Primary parameter, and specify ext3 as the file system type. A hidden partition is created.

The remaining place on the map is marked by the same principle. The size is set automatically, as the file system, select FAT32.